Hey you! Why don’t you try Linux?!

Hi my name is Anis! And I’m a full time Linux user and I know a lot about it. It’s a great system, does not spy on you, and makes it very difficult to get malware. In the past few years, it’s also become a great platform for gaming, too. Here’s the answers to a bunch of questions I usually hear about Linux from Windows users.


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Where is my DLC FIX For Civ5 in Linux/SteamOS

Forthose not knowing, the DLC has been fixed. If it is still not showing up, you need to verify integrity of game cache. This can be done in very simple step.

Right click on game. Select “Properties”


Then choose “Verify Integrity of Game Cache”


After a while he will re update the game, now you will see the DLC content ingame while playing.