BioShock Infinite Graphical Freez Bug Fix

Howdy people,
A few days ago game developer Irrational Games released Linux ported version of BioShock Infinite, which is great news off course! But it seems many Linux players have same issue that freezes game after while playing the game. And all have one common, the multi core CPU’s dilemma. Mostly because game isn’t fully Linux native but another wrapper, somehow it courses conflicts with multicore CPUs, which reaching full performances is unable and instead using all CPU’s fully, single core is used with Linux operation systems.
Anyhow, after several tweaks & workarounds I’ve found solution, as tested it for several hours without single crash or freeze.

So here we go. Open Steam, right click on the game BioShock Infinite and click on Properties (duh).
Right Click
Then BioShock Infinite properties dialog will show up
Press on “Set Launch Options” button and you will another window called “Launch Options” then type in the field : taskset -c 0,3 %command%

Press Oke and Launch the game & Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “BioShock Infinite Graphical Freez Bug Fix”

  1. This tanked the performance of the game for me and when it inevitably did crash it took my entire PC with it instead of just the game like it normally does. I have an FX-9590, Radeon HD 7870 with fglrx 14.12, and I’m running Mint 17.1

  2. This instruction is a bit odd. The idea is to avoid adjacent cores, I think. With an 8-core you can use 4 cores, eg. 0,2,4,6 or 1,3,5,7. For 2-core taskset 0,1 makes no difference, since you are already using cores 0 and 1. Also setting your CPU governor to performance with “sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance” or some other way has been reported to make freezes less frequent.
    I have played the game for 20+ hours with cpu on performance and taskset -c 0,2,4, with a FX6300 six-core. It has frozen once.

    • Well if it is to avoid adjacent cores then these instructions are odd. I have an FX-9590 so only running 2 cores seemed really stupid and I got bottlenecking like crazy.

    • I can confirm that cores 0,2,and 4 seem to be the best combination for the FX 6300. I tried it with only cores 0 and 3 active and, while the game did not crash, performance was sub-par.

  3. Thank you for your post and huffax for his explanation. I have an i7-4712MQ (with 8 Threads) and used the command “taskset -c 0,2,4,6 %command%” successfully.

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