Bypass The UEFI's Windows 7/8 Key installation

This is my guide to bypass The UEFI‘s Windows 7/8 forced key installation, after long search there are many request on the internet by Windows 8 users who love to install fresh Windows 8/8.1 on the integrated laptops with EFI Windows key.
Actually myself never had any issues with reinstalling Windows OS on any Computer nor Laptops will Windows 8. When i was trying to install Windows 8  Pro (OEM) onto a laptop which used OEM Activation, the Windows 8 Pro installer pulled the key from the BIOS and once installed was activated as Windows 8 and not Windows 8 Pro. JEIKS!

To get around this issue, you need to create a text file called “PID.TXT” which need to be put into the router of the Sources folder.   To this you will need to created a bootable Windows 8 Pro USB Key, and create the “PID.TXT” onto the key within the Sources folder.

The example of the PID.txt file in format like:

Where the value is the Product Key for your version of windows you are installing. You can extract the PID from the BIOS using a tool, located here.
But. We are not finished yet. Now we need to force the EFI to install Windows edition you are trying too install. So how to force Windows  setup to allow us to choose desired edition during installation? Answer is very simple! By modifying “ei.cfg” file present in Windows 7/8 setup. Its very easy. You need to modify the sources\ei.cfg file to set the desired edition, channel and volume license flag
(example: if you have the Professional edition, channel OEM, ei.cfg looks like


for example if you want to install the Ultimate edition, Retail, you must edit the file:


When everything is done, save the edited content and burn or save it to the USB device, by downloading the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool from Microsoft. Once downloaded, execute the file and follow the installation wizard. And you done. have fun with freely install Windows edition of you choice without UEFI restrictions!
I hope this helped. For suggestion be free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter @0xUID.

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  1. Put this link on YT, you are a fucking lifesaver man, I thought my 1200$ laptop was going to be a useless hunk of junk for sure.

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