#BoycottMonsanto – A Simple List of Companies to Avoid

In light of the recent public anger over the Monsanto Protection Act, here’s a simple, printable list of companies that use Monsanto products. By avoiding products made by companies on this list, you can help ensure your money isn’t going to Monsanto and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself.


If you wish to print, simply click on the list and choose “Print” from your browser’s menu (or press CTRL+P/CMD+P).

ATTENTION: Monsanto has won this years Nobel Prize of Agriculture despite their crops being banned around the world!

3 thoughts on “#BoycottMonsanto – A Simple List of Companies to Avoid”

  1. Goddamn, there are lots of companies on this list that I wouldve never thought fell under that umbrella such as Aunt Jemmima, Betty Crocker and others. WTF is this world coming to!

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